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State rules of 258

1. State Peace

a) NO attacks against Bases in Alliances.

b) Everyone works together, to win Cross State Battles and Desert Oasis Event.

c) No forcing to join another alliance. Everyone can decide free, which alliance to join.

d) Scouting is an act of war. The base that scouted, can be attacked.

e) Do NOT post any coordinates of 258 bases in state chat or give them away by private message. That is betrayal of the state and leads to be put on the Blacklist. (Screenshot mus be taken and posted in the WhatsApp Group)

2. Level 7 resources territory

a) No bases are allowed in level 7 resources territory.

b) Bases on the Sand are allowed.

c) While "War for the Throne", Bases are allowed in level 7 resources territory. (Port back to another location, after War for the Throne)

d) Not obeying this rule, leads to be put on the Blacklist. (Check 5.)

3. Gathering

a) It's free to gather everywhere, for everyone.

b) NO Attacks are allowed against gathering troops.

          I) While Kill Event in Cross State and in Desert Oasis (Warning: End of peacetime is NOT Kill Event. Kill Event are the last 2 Days of Desert), it is allowed to attack gathering troops of our own state, IMPORTANT: Scout first, attack, then send a message to the player WHY the attack was made. If the enemy state is attacking the gathering troops already, just attack.

          II) When the gathering player is online he/she can recall in time. If that player is offline, the enemy state could have killed the troops.

          III) This is to prevent giving away points to enemy state.

c) DO NOT leave unfinished resource spots, if you can't finish a spot in one go, use a spot of lower level.

4. Presidency (Throne rotation)

a) There is a rotation for the presidency:

          - DxE

          - KWR

          - Alliance on Rank 3

The throne is given to the next alliance without a (inner state) fight. Every alliance helps to defend the throne against enemy state, or tries to take the enemy throne.

b) NO Negative Buffs are allowed to be given to anybody, except to those, that break the state rules. (see Blacklist for more information)

c) Positive Buffs should be given to everybody (that helps defending the throne, or takes enemy throne), not only to members of the own alliance.

d) Same is for Presidental Gifts.

e) It is NOT allowed to shoot "defender missiles" to the center or the guns. Only shoot by request of the alliance in line for throne.

f) If a "defender missiles" is shot without request and kills troops of a player from 258, the shooting player or his alliance, has to pay resources to rebuild the troops

5. Blacklist

a) The Blacklist is to deter players from breaking the rules and for players that constantly insult other players (swearwords, racistic insults...)

b) Being on the Blacklist makes that player an outlaw and can be attacked by everyone. That player can get a negative buff.

c) Being on the Blacklist bans that player from any alliance.

d) Alliances that protect a blacklisted player become a target as well and can be attacked.

e) First time put on the Blacklist is for 1 month, the player on the Blacklist can change and show that he/she is willing to obey the rules.

f) Second time on the Blacklist is permanent, that player better stop playing.

g) How to be put on the Blacklist:

          I) Not obeying the level 7 territory rule 2. a), as long as the base is in level 7 territory, that player is on the Blacklist (rule 5. e) and f) don't apply)

          II) A player is suggested to be put on the blacklist. Each alliance has one vote. The vote on blacklist has to be unanimous. Not only a majority vote. No vote for 24 hours is an automatic "Yes" vote.

          III) Attacking gathering troops obviously on purpose (e.g.: teleporting next to a plot; attacking several plots in short time; ...

6. Rule changes

a) All rule changes have to be discussed in the WhatsApp group.

b) After a new draft of rules is made, there is a timelimit of 24 hours. If no one has to say something against the new draft, it will be active.

c) Just saying: "I don't like the rules" isn't enough to stop them. There must be arguments against a rule and counterproposals must be made.


DxE - Alliance Rules

1. DxE follows those rules above.

2. We don't attack bases in alliances, if you do, you will be punished.

3. Donation for alliance technology is requiered, weekly donation of 0 gets you demoted in rank or even kicked out of alliance.

4. Finish a resource spot completely, don't leave small amounts of resources. If you cant finish in one go, use a lower level resource spot.

5. Level 10 resource spots

a) Only TWO (2) level 10 spots (from resource Station) are allowed for each player at the same time.

b) If you need one, ask someone that can place one and donate 1.000 stones, then your spot will be placed.

c) Use that spot right away. There is no "This is my spot, I will gather it later"

d) Finish the level 10 spot in ONE go, or resend your troops just after the return.

e) If a level 10 spot already has been used, but isn't used at the moment, everyone is allowed to use it, first come, first serve.

f) When troops of player A just leave a level 10 spot, player B hast to wait 15 min before sending troops to that spot. That means, player A hast 15 min time, to resend his troops to "his" spot.

g) Suggestion: Only use level 10 spots while "gathering events" or in times of war.

6. While Cross State and Desert Event we focus on the phases that are on:

- Gathering

- Zombie Killing

- Technology Research

- Building Upgrade

- Troop Training

- Kill Event

Check the activity Center to see the points you get for the different actions.

The phases are random.

7. dxe and dXe are our Farm Alliances.

8. The Zombie Siege Event always starts 4 hours before the event ends.

9. Member Rankings

a) We allow only a certain number of R4 members the same time.

b) Ranks will be adapted, depening on Power, Activity, Donating...

c) Do not ask for change of your rank, R4 and R5 members will make you the rank that fits for you.

10. Once your DxE, you belong to the family. No spying for other alliances. If we find out you're a spy, you will burn and noone can protect you. No running away to other alliances for protection.

11. Everyone that attacks DxE, will be destroyed, no running to another alliance for protection.

12. We have a whatsapp group for warnings, and one for talk, if you want to be added, send your cell phone number to one of the R4 members, or leader, with your country code.

13. Our alliance is an english speaking alliance. When you can't read/write english, please use your native language in game chat, in a proper way, so that translation works. In whatasapp ONLY use english, there is no translation integrated.




Version: 1.8